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I.K. Inha, the picture taken from the archives of Aamu Nyström / Jäähdyspohja village association
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1. Inha’s sister Tyyni on the shore of the Toriseva ravine lake in the early 1890s. “The young maidens of our region were especially attached, with a kind languishing affection, to these awe-inspiring lakes in the midst of wilderness”, Inha writes in his book Suomen maisemia (Lanscapes of Finland). (The picture by I.K. Inha, taken from the archives of Aamu Nyström / Jäähdyspohja village association)
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2. Inha’s sister Saima admiring the view on Jäähdyskylä village from the top of Erikoisenmäki hill in the early 1890s. Inha’s childhood home, Valkeajärvi, can be seen in the foreground. (The picture by I.K. Inha, taken from the archives of Aamu Nyström / Jäähdyspohja village association)
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3. The women of the Martha club and the Kataja group from Vuokkiniemi show off their colourful splendour by the Ylämylly mill that Inha’s father had constructed in 1867. The event, consisting of educational content and a concert by the women of Viena, was hosted in last November by the Into village theatre, and it was funded by the ECHO project that is a part of the European Union’s ENPI program. (The picture by Juha Kallio)
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Vuokkiniemeläiset 2
4. The women of Viena made a little pilgrimage to the Lower Toriseva ravine lake. (The picture by Juha Kallio)
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Vuokkiniemeläiset 3
5. The Kataja group from Vuokkiniemi on the stage of Jukola, the Jäähdyspohja village house. Pictured from left to right: Anna Nikitina, Ljudmila Rengvist, Svetlana Lepeshkina, Marija Filippova, Lybov Timushova, Valentina Dmitrijeva, Raisa Fedorova, Tatjana Tupina, Olga Remsu and the theatre director from Ukhta, Valentina Saburova. (The picture by Juha Kallio)
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I. K. Inha
Lähetyssaarnaaja (The Missionary)
Kertomus Etelämeren saarelta (A tale from an island in the South Sea)
written in 1884

For a price of 28 € + delivery costs.
Preorder by 30th October 2015
for 20 € + 6 € delivery costs

The Finnish Museum of Photography: Anniversary year lecture 12th November, 18.00
Researchers Jukka Kukkonen and Kati Lintonen discuss Inha and his photography.

Landscape and time – I.K. Inha and K.A. Ennola
The exhibition opens on Tuesday 10th November, 17.00.
A photographic exhibition from 10th November to 5th December 2015 in Galleria Virinä (Pääskyntie 4)

Photographer, BA Kari Ennola lectures on
I.K. Inha's photographic journeys and photographic wholes

10th November, 18.00 in the Virrat Town Council Hall


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